Friday, October 24, 2008

How it all happened....

I always had this inclination towards cooking. I was occassionally making stuff, which were sometimes excellent otherwise pathetic! Somehow my dad always loved my food :) May be coz I used extra spices and chillies making the dishes hot and tangy!

I owe the credits to many, my paternal Grandmother - who makes excellent food even at the age of 80!, my Dad -I used to scowl when ever he dragged me into the kitchen, he would make us eat bland salads saying vegetables are good for health! I just cherish his memories :) My Aunt - who taught me to try cooking from magazine recipes! and last but not the least - my Mom - who can make yummy sambhar and pulihora, which I can never learn to perfection! 

I am a vegetarian so you can expect anything and everything made of vegetables! I always liked to encourage vegetarianism :)